Shake it up episode 1

Season 1 Episode 1 “Start it up!”

Shake It Up premiered on Disney Channel on November 7, 2010 with the episode “Start It Up”. This episode turned out to be the seventh most-watched cable television show that Sunday. This episode was directed by Shelley Jensen and was written by the creator of the show, Chris Thompson. Shake It Up is surely one of the highest rated TV shows that Disney has created and many children from grade school to teens enjoy it.
The pilot episode “Start It Up” episode had a viewership of 6.2 million people which turned out to be the second highest rated series on Disney Channel, Hannah Montana being the first.

The show stars Bella Thorne as CeCe and Zendaya Coleman as Rocky, which are the two main characters of the show, and it takes place in Chicago, Illinois. The two girls, who are best friends, are dancers that are looking to make it in the dancing business. You find that they really enjoy a television show called “Shake It Up Chicago” and they end up trying out for the episode, which you will read about later on.

The show starts off with CeCe and Rocky dancing for a group of people who are waiting for the subway. They leave out a hat to try and earn some money for new cell phones.

After their dance routine is done, they check their hat to see how much money they earned, only to find that they only earned one single dime. When they see this, Rocky decides to pass around the hat to try and get the watchers to put more money in. When the hat is passed back to Rocky and CeCe, they find that nobody put anymore money in and someone stole their one dime. This part of the episode shows off how great of dancers the girls are but how difficult it is for them to be appreciated for their dancing skills.

Shake it UpAs the episode continues, you get a good idea of what the girls lives are like. CeCe lives in the apartment underneath Rocky which goes to show how close they really are. They yell out to one another outside the windows to their apartments before they go to school each morning. As CeCe is getting ready for the school day, you notice that “Shake It Up Chicago” comes on her television, which is a very popular TV show that showcases all the great dancers of Chicago. CeCe begins to dance along with it when her mother, who is a cop, enters the room and asks CeCe to make breakfast for her younger brother Flynn.

As CeCe is cooking breakfast for her little brother, Rocky enters through the window. This is a way to show that Rocky is not only close with CeCe but she’s also close with CeCe’s family and is comfortable enough to enter the home without knocking.. Or even using the door! They both need to rush to the subway in order to get to school on time and because of this CeCe blends together a lot of different breakfast foods for her brother’s breakfast.

When they arrive to school one of their friends, Deuce, fills them in on the information that there are open auditions on their favorite show, “Shake It Up Chicago” and the girls both decide to go and try-out. This is a very big deal because it’s part of their dream to dance on national television.

Since it’s such a big dream for the girls, it comes as a big surprised that CeCe gets stage fright. Rocky nails her audition and has no problems at all when it comes to dancing for those in the audience. So after Rocky did so amazing, it’s CeCe’s turn to try-out. She steps onto the stage and freezes so she then runs off the stage and leaves the building. Rocky goes searching for her to find her crying at a nearby bus stop where they sit and talk. CeCe goes onto say that she isn’t a good dancer and starts to call herself a loser. Rocky, being the great friend that she tells CeCe how great she is. CeCe then regains some of her confidence and asks Rocky to audition with her to make her feel a little more comfortable.

As the girls go on the stage, CeCe gets her stage fright again and doesn’t want to go on. Rocky then gets CeCe’s mother’s handcuffs and puts them on her and then on CeCe. This way, CeCe is forced to go onto the stage with Rocky where they dance together and do really well. Rocky and CeCe meet with the show’s host, Gary Wilde, who tells them that they were accepted onto the show. When Rocky tries to unlock their handcuffs, she notices that the keys are missing and they can’t find them. They then find that Flynn stole the keys away from them for making him his blended breakfast just as any little brother would do!