Quit it up!

Quit it up

Season 3 Episode 8 (Quit it up!) of Shake It Up starts with Cece Jones preparing her breakfast. When she realizes that the milk and cereal all ran out, her brother Flynn comes into the room and soon, her stepbrother to-be, Logan Hunter, comes in the scene and admits he ate all the food. Cece […]

Oh Brother It Up!

Bella Thorne

The episode begins with Rocky and CeCe at the mall, lamenting the loss of their Shake it Up paychecks. Rocky suggests that CeCe get a job to make money. They meet Logan who offers to help Rocky and CeCe get jobs at Bob’s Kabobs. CeCe’s mom tells CeCe, Flynn and Rocky to be on their […]

Home Alone It Up!

Home alone it up

The episode begins with CeCe and her mother arguing over whether or not CeCe is old enough to be left alone for the night. CeCe convinces her mother by saying that Rocky’s parents are upstairs and their nosey neighbor across the hall would check in. The night passes uneventfully as the nosy next door neighbor […]

Merry Merry it up!

Merry Merry it up

In episode five of season three of Shake It Up, it’s Christmas time! Everyone is full of happiness and Christmas cheer in the world of CeCe and Rocky.. Or are they? Problems arise in the house of CeCe, Flynn and Georgia this holiday season. But no worries, Rocky is there to save the holiday by showing CeCe how important family and making others happy is.